A love letter to New York

New York at night makes me happy. Under the glimmering lights, I am extra grateful for everything. I find excuses to be thankful. I see all the small unexpected beautiful things. I am in awe of all the different people around me, making their home here, staking their claim, laughing and shouting and lining up … Continue reading A love letter to New York


A frightful first draft, pt. 1

A collection of Helen's New York favorites: Daybreaker - a sober morning dance party with awesome people and lots of free coffee. Find it in a city near you here! Nyonya - a Michelin-rated Malaysian restaurant with plates as low as $8. I miss actual Malaysia though. Housing Works Bookstore - all proceeds help combat … Continue reading A frightful first draft, pt. 1

Sawatdee, Bangkok!

Miles flown this gap year until Bangkok (approximate): 12,575 Miles to go still (approximate): 12,755 Amount of Megabus trips: Always too many. Busy and crowded in Thailand: I have a hypothesis: The person who invented the phrase “sensory overload” was a traveler to Bangkok. According to Forbes, the curious, gigantic city of Bangkok, Thailand spent … Continue reading Sawatdee, Bangkok!